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General Council

• The General Council stands as the primary governing body for NCCIM, setting broad guidelines and overseeing major initiatives.

• Consists of 40 members: This figure is derived from five constituent chambers, each contributing 8 nominees. This diverse representation ensures that the various perspectives within NCCIM are adequately voiced and considered. 


i.    President
•  The President holds the key role of steering NCCIM's vision and direction. He/ She takes the lead on major decisions and represent NCCIM in high-level engagements.
•   The President of NCCIM also serves as the President of one of the constituent chambers.

ii.    Vice Presidents
•  The Vice Presidents support the President in their duties and step in during their absence. They play a vital role in driving strategic projects and interfacing with various stakeholders. 
•  There are 5 Vice Presidents. Each is the President of one of the other constituent chambers. If a chamber's President is currently the NCCIM President, the Deputy or Vice President of the same chamber assumes the Vice Presidential role for NCCIM.

Executive Committee

•  This committee is the operational backbone of NCCIM, managing daily activities, projects and initiatives.
• The committee is formed of 21 members, which includes the President, 5 Vice Presidents and an additional 3 representatives from each constituent chamber. These representatives are chosen from those nominated to the General Council, ensuring they have a broad understanding of NCCIM's objectives.

Key Roles Within the Executive Committee

i.    Secretary General
•   Appointed by the President from the Executive Committee members.
• The Secretary General manages the Secretariat operations, ensuring the smooth flow of communication and administrative activities. The Secretary General also ensures the execution of decisions made by the Executive Committee. 

ii.    Treasurer
•  The Treasurer is appointed by the President from among the members of the Executive Committee. 
• Financial integrity is crucial for NCCIM's success. The Treasurer oversees financial matters, ensures proper record-keeping and regularly reports the statement of accounts.

Working Committees

•  All working committees, including special committees report directly to the President and the Executive Committee.
•  These committees delve deep into specific areas, be it research, projects or other initiatives. 

Malaysian Chapter of Bilateral Joint Business Councils (JBC)

•  Established under the auspice of NCCIM and its bilateral counterpart.
•  Promotes bilateral business relationships, fostering collaboration and trade between Malaysia and its counterpart nation.
•  The Malaysian Chapter routinely updates the Executive Committee on its activities, challenges and successes.


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