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I am deeply honoured to lead the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia (NCCIM) as we embark on a new chapter in 2022. The year marks a significant milestone in our journey as NCCIM celebrates 60 years of excellence and achievements.

As we look back on our remarkable history, we are acutely aware of the challenges we face in the present. The global pandemic and its far-reaching repercussions continue to affect us all. In these trying times, unity and collaboration within the business community are more critical than ever. NCCIM stands as a beacon of support, bringing together diverse sectors to collectively address challenges, identify opportunities and forge a path forward.

Our focus remains on nurturing dialogue and fostering innovative solutions. We recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we work and conduct business. Therefore, we provide a forum for discussions on the pandemic's impact and how Malaysian businesses can adapt, evolve and innovate.

In these transformative times, the importance of unifying the private sector cannot be overstated. NCCIM is dedicated to building resilient businesses that create and sustain wealth, generate employment opportunities and enhance the well-being of our citizens. We celebrate diversity and facilitate constructive debates among our constituent chambers, which represent a broad spectrum of business interests. Respect for diverse perspectives and our core values of accountability, shared prosperity, trust and unity continue to guide our endeavours.

Moreover, NCCIM serves as a platform for sharing and showcasing the successes of Malaysian businesses. By sharing these stories, we aim to inspire and educate others, promoting excellence and innovation in the Malaysian business landscape.

Under our newly crafted Vision, "Malaysia's Apex Business Chamber Leading Sustainable Prosperity," and Mission, "We Shape and Deliver a World-Class Ecosystem to Build Capacity in our Business Community," NCCIM remains committed to enhancing its capabilities. We strive to represent, promote and advocate for the business community on both domestic and global fronts. Our mission aligns with the Malaysian Government's Malaysia Madani vision, emphasising values such as sustainability, prosperity, innovation, respect, trust, care and compassion (Madani).

Through our actions and initiatives, we aim to contribute to the development of an inclusive, responsible and harmonious society in Malaysia. NCCIM remains dedicated to complementing the government's efforts by providing valuable feedback and insights to shape business-friendly policies that will steer Malaysia toward remarkable achievements in local and global markets.


National Chamber of Commerce
and Industry of Malaysia
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