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At NCCIM, our advocacy work is at the forefront of our mission to champion the interests of businesses in Malaysia. We believe that a thriving business environment is essential for the growth and prosperity of our nation. Through strategic advocacy initiatives, we actively engage with government ministries and agencies, policymakers and stakeholders to shape policies, regulations and economic strategies that benefit our members and the broader business community.


Policy Formulation: We work closely with our constituent chambers and industry experts to develop well-researched and comprehensive policy recommendations. These recommendations are aimed at fostering economic growth, enhancing business competitiveness and creating a conducive environment for sustainable development.

Dialogue and Engagement: We facilitate open and constructive dialogues between the government and the private sector. These engagements provide a platform for businesses to voice their concerns, seek clarifications and propose solutions directly to policymakers.

Capacity Building: We believe that informed businesses are empowered businesses. We regularly arrange and disseminate information about external seminars, workshops and training sessions to educate our members about relevant policies, regulations and business best practices.

Collaboration: We actively collaborate with government agencies, international organisations and other stakeholders to drive positive change. Our partnerships are designed to create win-win situations that benefit both businesses and society as a whole.


Our advocacy initiatives span a wide range of focus areas, including but not limited to:

Trade and Investment: We advocate for policies that promote international trade, attract foreign investment and expand market access for Malaysian businesses.

Taxation and Fiscal Policies: We work to ensure a fair and balanced tax regime that encourages economic growth while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

Regulatory Reform: We champion regulatory reforms that reduce bureaucratic obstacles, improve the ease of doing business and enhance the competitiveness of Malaysian companies.

Sustainability: We promote sustainable business practices and advocate for policies that address environmental and social concerns while driving economic growth.

Innovation and Technology: We support initiatives that foster innovation, digitalisation and technology adoption to keep Malaysian businesses competitive in the global market.


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