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Working Committees

Business Council Technical Working Committee: 

Chairman: Mr. Michael Chai Woon Chew

Committee members:

  • Dato’ Andrew Goh Boon Kim
  • Mr. Jacob Lee Chor Kok
  • Mr. Lee Yew Chen 
  • Dato’ Ramesh Kodamal
  • Dato’ Saravanan
  • En. Mohd Dzahir bin Jamudin


Reviewing and recommending the rules governing the establishment and operation of local chapters within the Joint Business Councils (JBCs). They ensure these rules align with MITI's expectations and deliver the desired outcomes. The committee also oversees the selection process of JBC members, monitors JBC performance, and reviews the adequacy of MOUs for JBC establishment.

Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) Working Committee

Chairwoman: Ms. Renuka Indrarajah

Committee members:

  • Mr. Teoh Kok Lin
  • Mr. Paul Low Kung Ling
  • En. Muhammad Gaddafi bin Gulistan
  • Mr. Sham Sunder Ratnani
  • Dato’ Selvam Krishnan
  • Mr. Juan Jose Aranois
  • Dato’ Sri Victor Hii Lu Thian


The committee is responsible for creating a unified platform for stakeholders like NGOs, Chambers of Commerce, and ESG-focused organisations to engage with the government on ESG plans. This includes promoting awareness among NCCIM members about developing sustainability strategies in line with UN's Sustainable Development Goals and local laws. The committee also seeks to address challenges faced in meeting SDGs/ESG requirements, explore incentives, engage with green energy providers, and stay informed about environmental solutions. Additionally, it aims to articulate NCCIM's stance on sustainability issues, review global food security practices, and address any sustainability-related matters.

Finance Working Committee:

Chairman: Amirhamzah bin Karim

Committee members:

  • Datuk Koong Lin Loong
  • Datuk Yap Heng Or
  • Mr. Mahendran Ganesan
  • Mr. Jacob Lee Chor Kok


The committee is responsible for solving and dealing with financial matters that are incurred by events that are organised by the NCCIM such as the auditing of the accounts, tabling of budgets and so forth.

Human Resource Working Committee

Chairman: Dato Nathan K Suppiah

Committee members:

  • Mr Gan Boon Khim
  • Mr. Justin Ng Chia Sian
  • En. Muhammed Farhan bin Basheer Ahamed
  • Mr. Thirunaukarasu Muthayam
  • Datin Dr Maheswary Ramasamy
  • Datuk Noraini Soltan
  • Dato’ Palaniappan Joseph


The HR Committee focuses on reviewing and improving human resource policies' impact on industrial and commercial development. It addresses challenges and proposes measures within this sector to the relevant government ministries who would then work upon these issues. The committee also contributes to government consultations, collaborates with state chambers if needed, and aligns its efforts with the national human resource development program.

Investment Promotion (FDI & DDI) Working Committee

Chairman: Dato Tan Tian Meng

Committee members:

  • Datuk Wira Lim Chiun Cheong
  • En. Azlan bin Awang
  • En. Yazid bin Othman
  • Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala
  • Mr. Surain Kanda
  • Dato’ Gan Tack Kong
  • Datuk Noraini Soltan


The Investment Promotion (FDI & DDI) Committee is tasked with enhancing the FDI and DDI landscape in Malaysia. It reviews the current situation, identifies challenges, and proposes recommendations to attract more foreign and domestic direct investments. The committee collaborates with government agencies, gathers feedback from NCCIM members, and advocates for policies that support investment growth. It emphasises the significance of developing DDIs alongside FDIs and suggests measures to strengthen supply chain relationships involving new FDI entrants and local industries. The committee also aims to enhance Malaysia's competitiveness as an FDI destination and highlights the role of dynamic DDIs within the investment ecosystem. It may also engage with state-level chambers with NCCIM EXCO's approval to address localised issues as needed.

IR 4.0 & Digital Economy Working Committee

Chairman: Mr. Jacob Lee Chor Kok

Committee members:

  • Mr. Effron Khoo Giok Hong
  • Mr. Lee Eng Yau
  • En. Azrul Zafri bin Azmi
  • Dr. MV Shankar
  • Ms. Michelle Hah


The Digital Economy & IR4.0 Promotion Committee is focused on promoting digital economy awareness among businesses, particularly SMEs, and fostering innovative strategies for growth. The committee assesses government policies and initiatives supporting the digital economy, offering suggestions for improvements in scope and implementation. It identifies barriers to digital economy progress and proposes solutions. Recommendations for resource allocation to aid businesses, especially startups, in embracing the digital economy are also part of its mandate. The committee advocates for business enhancement, entrepreneurial empowerment, education, skills training, and access to finance. It collaborates with government bodies, trade associations, and stakeholders to advance the digital economy. Additionally, with NCCIM EXCO's approval, the committee may extend its efforts to the state level in collaboration with local chambers.

International Business Working Committee

Chairman: Dato’ Andrew Goh Boon Kim

Committee members: 

  • Dato’ Ng Yok Gee
  • Dato’ Jeffrey Lai Jiun Jye
  • En. Amirhamzah bin Karim
  • En. Salim bin Ahmed
  • Mr. Thirunaukarasu
  • Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala
  • Mr. Loganathan Muniandy
  • Dato’ Seri Dr Hj Haminuddin Abd Hamid
  • Ms. Lee Pang


The committee is focused on intensifying Malaysia's exports and promoting businesses with global competence, including the strategic "Halal" market. The committee aims to complement government efforts in international trade and investment, foster joint ventures, assist Malaysian businesses in global market promotion, and organise trade-related activities. It extends its focus to regional market blocs, particularly the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) and the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement Partnership for Trans-Pacific Partnership, recommending initiatives for closer economic cooperation. The IBC also monitors global market developments, including those from organisations like the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), and provides regular reports to NCCIM Exco meetings.

Membership Working Committee

Chairman: Mr. Sham Sunder Ratnani

Committee members: 

  • Dato’ Jeffery Tan
  • Mr. Ken Yap Kean Lye
  • En. Norsyahrin bin Hamidon
  • Mr. Gnanasambanthan
  • Dato’ Gan Tack Kong
  • Dato’ Andrew Goh Boon Kim


The Membership Committee is focused upon suggesting suitable avenues and methods for membership in accordance with the NCCIM Constitution. It proposes recruitment strategies and plans, ensuring effective execution. The committee also oversees membership relations' management, encompassing implementation and monitoring processes.

Women in Business Working Committee

Chairwoman: Ms. Michelle Hah

Committee members:

  • Madam Shirley Tay Bee Koo
  • Madam Liew Su Fei
  • Pn. Shirin binti Othman
  • Dato’ Beatrice Nirmala
  • Ms. Hemala A/P Sivam
  • Ms. Penny Wong Poh Chee


The committee is focused upon assessing the status, challenges, and ecosystem for women in business across different levels, including SMEs, startups, and young entrepreneurs in Malaysia. The committee evaluates the effectiveness of existing government policies and initiatives supporting women in business, spanning areas like international market entry and technological advancements. Recommendations for empowering and bolstering the capabilities and competitiveness of women in business are also within its scope. With approval from NCCIM EXCO, the committee may collaborate with state-level chambers to extend its focus regionally.

Youth Working Committee

Chairman: Ir. Ter Leong

Committee members:

  • Mr. Lee Toong Leon
  • Mr. Choong Pin Hoong
  • Mr. Nic Khew Chuen Yee
  • Dato’ Jeffrey Lai Jiun Jye
  • En. Hisham Abdul Hamid
  • En. Wan Hassan
  • En. Halim Wahab
  • Dato’ Selvam Krishnan
  • Mr. Arvin Raj
  • Ms. Tryambikay Vengades
  • Ms. Rewathi Marimuthu
  • Mr. Chia Chee Hong
  • Mr. Isaiah Cheong
  • Mr. Brian Soo Hon Wye
  • Mr. Edwin Yap Weng Kiat
  • Mr. Stanley Siew Boon Keat


The committee is focused upon fostering business opportunities and networks for young entrepreneurs. It provides assistance, guidance, and information to those seeking to establish their own businesses, particularly in the context of digitalisation and globalisation. The committee collaborates with NCCIM to enhance the effectiveness of its activities and nurture exceptional young entrepreneurs. It also works to strengthen national unity among youth and emphasises their pivotal role in driving the nation's economic ecosystem. With NCCIM EXCO's approval, the committee may extend its scope to the state level through constituent chambers. The committee structure comprises a chairman and 4 vice chairmen, led by the Youth Chairman of each constituent chamber. Up to 4 members from each chamber, including the Chairman and Vice Chairman, can join the committee. The NCCIM President may appoint an additional 5 members if deemed necessary, resulting in a maximum of 25 members on the committee.


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